Thursday, June 11, 2009

What Helps My Dry Skin!

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I really do love this Moisturizer I got it one day at the Lancôme counter just for the heck of it and to try out something new. Didn’t know much about it but just went with it, I was even thinking of returning it! When I tired it out the next day I took just aliiiittle bit , didn’t want to make it notice able that I used it just in case I did return it lol. I applied after cleansing and exfoliating starting were I tend to dry out the most which is my T-zone area. My skin felt so smooth and looked soo hydrated.

Then I thought okay ill give this product only 15 minutes till my skin begins to flake, start feeling that tightness from the dryness and for everything to just fade away!. I was absolutely impressed from the start I couldn’t wait to put on some make up and test it out. Now I have had things that do work for my in the past but not like this. Its become my new favorite product and would recommend it to anyone with a dry skin issue. Let me also mention my skin is very sensitive I had no problems with break outs or anything. So happy I found something I am satisfied with and not just content with :)


Wednesday, June 10, 2009

First Blog

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HellloOo EveryOne!
So im a first time Blogger
Im just here to share information about Beauty, something ive been very in to lately, and maybe alittle bit on whats going on in my life ;).
Alittle bit about myself:..
Esmeralda is my name. Born in California but rasied in Texas. I looOvvee Calii though any chance i get to go im there! im hopping to go back this summer. Im 21 yrs old, a full time student in college, im a very nice and humble person, it really is hard make me verrry mad, im happy more then half of the time ive actually had people tell me to quit smiling haha. i love to laugh :D. Ive been in a relationship for the past 5yrs with my first and only b/f. and i lovee him with all my freakin heart <33
Recently I started a Youtube channel about what else?.. Makeup! If anyone is intrested take a look i demonstrate how i apply my make up on a daily basis. Different ways to apply eyeshadow and create different looks for everyday, day time, night time etc...
Well thats if for this first blog ! :)
Bye for now.



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