Saturday, August 22, 2009


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B!rthday Wishlist*

Birthday Wish List

Just a few things I'd like to get on my brithday this year.I know i wont get everything Honestly i just want the camera all the other stuff i just added just in case my parents dont mind splurging alittle more on me ;)

Last Years B-day

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Wow were did the time gooo..?? Ill be turning 22 next sunday woah soounds scary!lol. Neways I was just looking back at some pictures so i thought i would post some of my 21st birthday last year @ dolce i had a blast! I dont think ill be doing anything this year but just looking at these make me wanna party as if i were turning 21 again! lol
Me n the b.f

my cousin and best friend did all this for me ha someone
droped the fountain n got chocolate all over their shoe lol!

My Bff Mikeeeey


They even got me pink balloons but they got all tangled up haha

some friends n I

haha michael was drunk. felt sry for who ever cleaned the next
morning he left throw up behind the chair lmao

I like my makeup here :)

Sparkling candels! happy birthday to meee

haha michael crashed out again on the grass?? silly goose
Well thats just some of the 100 pictures :)

Monday, August 3, 2009

Baby Bloom Collection

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babybloom Must Have

Mac recently launched this collection which Ive had my eye on . The collection is rather small so Ive only picked out one thing. Ive been particularly curious to try their..


Shades left to right: Light, Medium, Medium Dark, Dark, Deep Dark

(US $29.50)

A light, tinted moisturizer with SPF 15 and other skin-nourishing ingredients. An easy one one-step finish specially suited for the season, this sheer tint provides just enough coverage to even out the skin tone while creating a flawless protected, softly moisturized finish. Suitable for all skin tones. (Mac's Description)

I'm loving the description to this and with school right around the corner ill be needing something that fast and easy. If your like me and rather sleep in than wake up early just to get ready in the morning then this seems like the prefect "toss in your purse" on the go solution. For those days were there's only 10 mins before class starts . So I can see myself just applying this like lotion at a stop light dabbing on some blush before the light turns green quickly apply mascara in the parking lot and dabbing on some lip gloss as I walk to class. Sounds silly i know but that's just what it comes down to sometimes!! lol wow I'm really looking forward to this now! My only worry is that since it is a tinted will it look powdery or cake up? My skin is dry i don't want flakiness from a moisturizer.

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