Friday, July 10, 2009

About Today

Posted by XelSlmlEX3 at 7:26 PM
Okay i really need to update on this since I have nothing to do right now. Soo ill just tell you about my day. My parents had a garage sale early in the morning and woke me up eeaarrly i was so tired at the end. Only me and my mom were handling the people while taking care of my neice and nephew.They didnt wanna be putt dowwn uugh so now my back hurts. Were still watching my brothers kids becuase hes in the hospital, for 2 days now i just really hope hes okay and they let him out soooon! Other then that the sale went pretty good day 2 tomorrow.
HMmM as for youtube its going pretty good I like all the nice feed back I didnt think anyone would really watch me so its nice to know people digg wut I do lol. Oh I just rearranged all my make up looks good.. uuuuuummmmm lets see what else... my boyfirend works tonight like every other niight. Wish we could spend more time with each other but Ill be staying in on this friday night llaame i miss him :(. I really also miss my BFF hes in Puerto Rico till August and hes been gone since June 3 i need a good laugh from him haha... I guess that pretty much it for my day today. I havent bought makeup in awhile wwweeiiirrd maybe ill get some tomorrow.
Well thats it, had nothing else to do so this was just alittle update on meee. Maybe ill post some pics of something so my blog wont look so plain..

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